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Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy may be achieved on an individual basis or in a group setting.  At times patients may appoint someone as an advocate to speak on their behalf.  Helping others to become their own best advocate is another form of patient advocacy.

Patient Advocate, Tina Marie Marsden

I Was 28, a Mom and Terrified of My Heart Diagnosis

as shared with Newsweek

“On January 6, 2012, I was implanted with my life-saving heart pump.


The technology helps protect the blood as it flows through the pump. After getting my device, I didn't really have any problems. Within seven days, I was doing squats and physical therapy in cardiac rehab, which helped prepare me to go home.


Once home, I had time to reflect, realizing it wasn't as bad as I had once feared.


That's when I became inspired to get involved with patient advocacy. My doctors in Indianapolis asked me to speak with other heart failure patients and share my experience with my heart pump.


Many what-ifs can go through our heads, especially if we don't have an example to refer to when making these life-altering decisions. I'm grateful to have taken that leap of faith and be here today to share how my heart pump has saved my life."

Patient Advocate, Tina Marie Marsden

"Georgians living with heart disease urge women to be proactive"


"I couldn't walk probably 10 feet without feeling like I was going to pass out,” Marsden said. “Not only was I 28, they told me I had the heart of an 80-year-old woman.


Pay attention, take care of yourself, get screened. These are things that you can’t see. You can't take it for granted."



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