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Peer Support Specialist Tina Marie Marsden, holding her heart pump (LVAD) equipment.


Is often described as someone using their own lived experience to help others.  This can be done through social and emotional support by connecting with individuals and families.  Peer support may be achieved for a number of diagnosis' such as mental health, cancer, cardiovascular conditions, and sickle cell.

"My peer support journey began shortly after receiving my first LVAD (left ventricular assist device) in 2012.  My physicians approached me about speaking to other patients to share my experience.  After the first meeting I knew this was part of my purpose.  To take something that I once feared, and turn that into purpose & power to be of help to someone else is an indescribable feeling.  Although not always easy while overcoming heart failure; I strive to live in my purpose daily."

Tina Marie


Please follow my blog page for additional Peer Support.

Tina Marie; Peer Support Specialist, Patient Leader, Mentor, LVAD Ambassador.

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