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Updated: Feb 14

"Living with heart failure can come with a range of symptoms that can be challenging at times. I’ve battled fatigue, abdomen swelling, muscle spasms, and shortness of breath on exertion, to name a few. Symptoms have impacted my quality of life from daily chores to physical fitness. Something as simple as sitting is often an activity of necessity, not choice.

Outside of this blog, the circle that I share with on a deeper level is small. From my mother, to my therapist, my sons, and a handful of close friends. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t get it and that’s ok. Which is why I’m intentional about who I share with, how I release, and the ways I cope.

Coping with heart failure in silence

One of the toughest challenges I’ve learned to manage is coping in silence. In a recent FB post published by, community members were asked, “What’s the biggest challenge you’re currently facing as someone living with heart failure?" A number of responses were all too familiar. One that really hit home was family or friends not understanding.

Being an invisible illness, heart failure comes with its own taboo. So many people don’t understand what they can’t see. Sharing daily struggles while looking perfectly healthy can fall on deaf ears. Thankfully, I’ve been equipped with coping tools. Although I’m not able to share everything with everyone, meditation, prayer, and therapy have become essential coping tools for me.

Releasing feelings is not complaining

Too often releasing is considered complaining. After all, symptoms such as fatigue and swelling aren’t positive things. Talking about things that are perceived to be negative is not always welcome. Some may consider that negative energy. I disagree.

We’re not meant to hold things in. Not only can it cause physical harm to our bodies, but the mental effects can also be even more damaging. I often tell others to feel free to release with me. I know how important it is to have a listening ear that allows you to share, judgment-free.

So, let it out! Whether you grab a journal and write out your thoughts, yell it all over the house, have a good cry with a family member or friend, pray or talk to a therapist, releasing is essential in maintaining good health.

Find what works

Although I’m facing a number of health symptoms, I’m here, so I’m making the most of each day. I share with my circle when I need to. Other times I release in silence using my coping tools. I've found a healthy balance for now.

It’s important that we each find what works for us. Being able to release can lift the weight off your body, mind, and heart."



Please consider joining one of our support groups and release judgment-free. If you are in need of Peer Support please reach us through our Contact Form.

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