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Self Advocacy

Self-advocacy is about speaking up for yourself.  This can take many forms when facing a medical diagnosis.  Learning and understanding your body, seeking a second opinion, or adopting a healthy lifestyle are all ways to be your own best advocate.  Self-advocacy may be beneficial to obtaining the quality of life you desires.

Self Advocate, Tina Marie Marsden

“Tina Marsden was hours away from losing an invisible battle with heart disease when she stumbled into the hospital. She was seeking care against the medical advice of a previous a doctor who told her to wait 72 hours before returning to the emergency room. Had she listened, she would be dead.”

by Essence

Self Advocate, Tina Marie Marsden
Self Advocacy WebMD

Two women with heart disease had to fight for a diagnosis. Here’s how they advocated for their health

"Women’s health is a very important issue and requires self-advocacy to find the right medical provider who recognizes the bias," he told Fox News Digital.


"Tina [Marsden] is a great example of someone who knew something was wrong and advocated for appropriate treatment," he said. "She would not let the system blow her off — instead, she took things into her own hands and found what was available on her own.”

by Fox News




When you see hospital support groups on TV, they’re usually sitting in a circle sharing with people who have similar stories. But that wasn’t my experience. I’d walk into a room where 70% of the group was older men with their wives sitting next to them. They couldn’t relate to me.


I needed to talk to someone who looked like me. But I had a hard time finding African American women who were single mothers. Most people had husbands or a whole support system.



by WebMD

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