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Group Hug

Support services

Holding Hands

Is often described as someone using their own lived experience to help others.  This can be done through social and emotional support by connecting with individuals and families.  Peer support may be achieved for a number of diagnosis' such as mental health, cancer, cardiovascular conditions, and sickle cell.

Through our support groups patients and caregivers are able to connect with others.  Oftentimes many patients battle loneliness and depression due to isolation.  We offer face to face and virtual support group meetups.  This helps to ensure social engagement even in remote settings for those who may be hospitalized, bed bound, or immunocompromised.

Wine and Cheese

These services will range from virtual Sip & Paints, Sip & Paint Kits, Post-operative Recovery Kits, and Self-Care Kits.  Proceeds from sales will support our Mission & Purpose.

We host a number of events throughout the year. From hiking trail escapes, cocktail hour meetups, Sip & Paints to bowling night.  The goal is to get up and move a little. The majority of our events are 100% funded by Why Advocate. Due to this most events require RSVP.  So reserve your spot fast.

Additionally, we are guest participants during other events to promote awareness for PPCM, maternal health, women’s health, and heart health.

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